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Gardening services


We offer a complete gardening service including weeding, pruning, rotovating , pruning of roses or shrubs etc, general flower bed maintenance including edging of borders, composting and planting of bulbs, flowers, plants, shrubs or trees, we even rake leafs and debris when it gets to them messy autumn months to keep your gardens looking tidy. We are not afraid to get our hands dirty!


We also do autumn lawn renovation work, scarifying, moss removal, weed n feed, over seeding, fertilizing etc.


I have a lot of regular clients whom I go to on a weekly or fortnightly basic to keep on top of things and offer competitive hourly rates for doing so.





We even clear out ponds !

Before we had worked on this pacific pond you would never had known it was there is was like a jungle and the water had huge amounts of water weed, grasses, debris and grime in it  ( it was a smelly job !).