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Hedge cutting & Tree work


Keeping all your trees and hedges neat and well groomed is a great way of keeping your grounds looking neat and tidy, from small to a large scale. We provide a full tree and hedging service all types of trees and hedging. Below is a general list of the services offered throughout the year for your trees and hedges around your grounds. We are NPTC qualified !!


 All types of trees & hedges shaped to give an impressive image.

 Yearly cut backs, removing new growth.

 Major canopy reductions or even removal of trees and hedges.

 Dead wooding of large trees i.e. oaks etc

 Thinning of trees to reduce the height to a more manageable height or to prevent risk of snapped limbs.

 Hedging and trees planted, Box hedging maintained.

 We also offer a emergency tree service for fallen trees or storm damage.